News & Events  |  Posted April 15, 2019

SLA Launch Follow Up

Thank you to those yesterday who contributed to such a successful Launch of Scotland’s Landscape Alliance at Dynamic Earth.

We were sorry to miss those of you who were unable to attend but are pleased you have expressed a desire to be part of the Alliance. This is a fabulous opportunity for us all to collaborate to maximise the public benefits from Scotland’s landscape and places whether economic, social, cultural or environmental and to gain public and political support for better care of landscape and place, ensuring a collective vision fit for the 21c and beyond.

We are also grateful to have the support of Gillian Martin MSP and look forward to exploring opportunities to continue this relationship in her role as Convenor of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee.

This follow up email is to let you know our proposed next steps: –

Step 1: Immediate Actions (Responses welcomed by Thursday 9th May)

  1. We would like you to respond and confirm that you would like to be a member of Scotland’s Landscape Alliance (please note that affiliation with the SLA at this stage is not committing you to its outputs).
  2. If you would like to be part of one of the following Working Groups or a corresponding member of one or more of the groups please let us know. (see step 2 for programme).
  • Working Group 1: Landscape for healthy communities
  • Working Group 2: Landscape and resilience to environmental challenges
  • Working Group 3: Landscape, land use and economy
  1. In the interest of GDPR can you confirm acceptance that your email and name can be shared with and held by the Executive Committee, only for the purpose of operating the Working Groups and also for communication for the ongoing work of the Alliance.
  2. The Executive Committee (EC) will prepare a summary of the debate outcomes from the Launch and if you have further reflections from these discussions please let us know now to feed into the summary. These, along with the findings of the research will be issued to all those who wish to be part of the Alliance.

Step 2: Formation (May 2019) and Output of The Working Groups ( Spring 2020)

  1. The EC will establish final Working Group membership and ensure a balanced view. They will prepare draft ToR for refinement by each group.
  2. The debate outcomes from the launch with the findings of the research will help guide the direction of the Groups.
  3. Programme – The aim will be for the recommendations of the Groups to be available Spring 2020. The time commitment will be agreed by each groups ToR but could be an aim to convene 6 times with progression in-between towards draft and final recommendations.

Step 3: Ongoing Work of the SLA Executive Committee

  1. The EC will undertake public consultation/engagement during the process
  2. The EC will undertake further research with a focus on technical policy review and implementation of existing strategy – this will inform the work of the WGs and be shared with the wider Alliance and possibly beyond
  3. There will be an opportunity to reconvene as the SLA membership before the end of the initial Working Group process to sense check some of the Groups work (November 2019 tbc)
  4. The EC will consider other ways of sharing progress and raising awareness of the SLA to broader audiences, probably via digital means