Best Practice

ParkPower – Green Energy in Urban Spaces

greenspace scotland is working with a wide range of partners across the public and private sector on a Scotland-wide programme to explore the contribution that urban green and blue spaces can make to the Scottish Government’s ambitions to decarbonise the energy system.

The ParkPower programme emerged from a previous research project looking at the development of climate resilient greenspaces. This resulted in feasibility work to understand how heat pump technology can support the heat demands of buildings sited in and around urban greenspaces and ultimately led to the development of Scotland’s first low carbon park, Saughton Park, in Edinburgh.

Further phases have focused on ‘opportunity mapping’ – a strategic, data-driven process to help owners of site portfolios to identify those with the most potential to support green energy services.  We continue to work at a national scale with the aim of supporting a number of Scottish Government policy areas, particularly around Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies (LHEES).

Project Details